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My journey to fitness all began since I was quite young.

It all started back when my parents would always see my involvement with sports. I would find myself maintaining agility through movement. My love for sports kept me swimming & playing sports since elementary school till my last day of high school.

Unfortunately, after graduation, I struggled to keep the activity level up once I started working, boy was it a challenge! However shortly afterwards, my children were born & my life dedication towards them. My youngest child was my inspiration to start taking care of myself. Therefore, I finally started to become active again by attending gym, practicing yoga & I was gradually getting back in shape.

Additionally in 2013, I experienced a three year recovery journey resulting from a tragic fall resulting in a right shoulder dislocation. However, six months later it happened again but in June 2016 I had shoulder surgery to have 4 screws/pins placed in my shoulder. Honestly, it was a steady recovery & it only made me stronger.

Furthermore, in February 2017 I signed up for my first Spartan sprint still not 100% from surgery nonetheless I determined to do it. Not to mention, I was a terrified 38 year old mom of two that had never been in a race in her life and I signed up for a Spartan sprint, reality synced in. Although, everyone told me I was out of my mind & perhaps I was a just little bit! In reality, when race day came I was sick from nerves wondering what the heck? I thought myself & my inspirations & at that very moment without realizing it, I crossed that finish line! My self doubts vanished as I realized I did it I actually did it and as a bonus I didn’t die or break anything. That race ignited a flame in me I never knew existed, it pushed me to step out of my comfort zone which you can accomplish as well.¬†

As a result, in 2017 I went from zero races to five in a matter of a couple months. How? I love what I do.