Football Team Training Program

Baseball is truly a sport of precision. A game’s score can come down to the accuracy of a pitcher’s throw, the swing of a bat, or speed of one player crossing home plate. United Sports Clinic baseball training sessions focus on improving speed, agility, and strength in a way that is relative to the motions and demands of the sport. These baseball workouts have been specifically selected for their ability to improve an individual’s performance on the field by engaging in upper body and core strengthening exercises.


  • 30 minute sessions, 2x per week

Strength and conditioning have always been a large part of what players utilize to prepare for a football season. Presently, access to more practical equipment to use in training is readily available as compared to the past where the focus was placed on barbells, free weights, and nautilus equipment. Youth weight training is often misunderstood. As more injuries rapidly occur in youth football, we have to ask if strength and conditioning could help prevent both the severity and frequency of said injuries. With contact sports like football, the importance of strength training must be emphasized. Our football training sessions focus on contact training and overall fitness conditioning and training strength, power, speed, agility, balance and coordination.