Obstacle Course Racing

United Sports Clinic is proud to announce Obstacle Course Race Training as a crucial new component for our youth training programs. Obstacle Course Racing, (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges that are in the form of obstacles. Mud and trail runs are combined and the races are designed to result in mental and physical collapse.

Successful obstacle course racing is achieved by practicing total body, functional athleticism. While most sports are heavily reliant on a singular ability, OCR requires athletes to be strong, fast, and agile. Incorporating obstacle course racing into our kid fitness programs and training sessions allows us to condition and train these youth athletes at an early age how to use their whole body in a fitness application. This is where muscle memory of all previously learned strength, agility, coordination, balance, speed and power really comes into play.

Obstacle course racing compels you to push boundaries in way’s you never believed possible. You’ll emerge a stronger, better version of you.

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