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Upcoming Race Schedule
03/18 NYC Half Marathon
03/24 NYC RUNS Ladies Half Marathon
04/29 NJ Marathon
05/29 NYRR popular Brooklyn Half

It all started, when I was a senior in high school my best friend thought it would be a good idea to join the cross country team. I agreed however, not knowing exactly what I was getting into and most of the athletes on the team had already been together for 4 years. In other words, I was the rookie. My 1st training run with my best friend & it turned out to be a 9 mile long run.

I was just running and running and all that run thru my mind was when was this ever going to end. I don’t know how I survived but I did. On the other hand, I forgot to mention, I collapse once I finished and told him that I hated running. So, my senior year was where my love hate relationship with running began and ended. I didn’t even attempt to join a track team in college and I certainly didn’t think to take leisure runs.

In May 2013, a group of my friends decided to run the Susan g. Komen 5k run/walk. I trained a few times on the treadmill aka the dreadmill. At that time I thought it was enough. I had no concept of pace or time or proper training or stretches or any preparation for runners. I completely winged it. All I remember is that I ran with my heart and convinced my mind to just keep going.

My next race wasn’t until May 2014. It was the jersey city earth day 5k run/walk. I slightly improved on My time but it was still not enough to convince me to love running. I ran the 5k earth day race again in May 2015 but it was still not enough to convince me to keep going.

Additionally, shortly after I ran that race, I started experiencing sporadic episodes of depression. I was a little overweight. I never quite got rid of the baby weight. I had always battled depression but this time around it felt different and it was enough to finally convince me that I needed to make some serious changes. I wanted to establish a fitness routine that I would be consistent with. I then decided I would sprinkle a few running days here and there but I never averaged more than 3 miles when I ran. I started with walks that gradually led to jogging which eventually turned into actual running.

My pace and times were all over the place but that didn’t matter to me at that time. The important part is that I was doing something I enjoyed and made me happy. In December 2015, I was determined to beat my time. It was my way of setting personal goals and holding myself accountable. I challenged myself and competed against myself. I signed up to a race that month and beat my previous times. I finally decided i would enjoy running enough to keep going.

A 5k turned into a 10k then a 15k then a 10 miler then a half marathon until I finally ran the NYC marathon in November 2017. I was a guide for Achilles international an organization responsible for pairing guides with athletes with a disability.